The Incandescence Light allows editing the incandescence material attributes of one or more objects as light attributes (provided that the object material has support for incandescence). The difference between a mesh light and an incandescence light is that an incandescence light directly controls the incandescence parameter of the geometry's surface shader, preserving the other surface shader properties; a mesh light applies the area light shader on its source mesh instead of its surface shader. One incandescence light can control as many such object/materials as desired.

As with any other light sources, incandescence lights will be listed in the Multi-Light list; each incandescence light can thus be output in its own Multi-Light layer. They also can be edited by 3Delight Display's Mixer. 

Creating an Incandescence Light

An incandescence light can be created by clicking  in the 3Delight Shelf or by choosing the 3Delight → Create Incandescence Light menu item.

The incandescence light attributes.

Shaping the Incandescence Light

Upon creating an incandescence light, the geometry in the current Maya selection is set as the light<s geometry.

Click on Select Geometry... to select the geometric objects whose incandescence will be controlled by the incandescence light.

Controlling the Light From an Incandescence Light

Incandescence Light Controls


These parameters act as multipliers of the controlled geometry's incandescence color. The original material's Incandescence Intensity parameter will be multiplied by this value.

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