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All the preferences listed here, including the Render Engine preferences, are ignored during batch rendering (i.e. when using Maya Batch).

The Render Engine Tab

Live Render Coarseness

In order to provide a quick feedback and allow interactive manipulations, 3Delight's live renders always start with a very coarse image and refines its quality through a few iterations, each iteration taking increasingly more time. The Live Render Coarseness option simply enables you to select the lowest quality (coarseness) the live renders starts with. More coarseness (larger pixels) provides faster frame rate during interactive manipulation at the expense of quality. The available options are 8, 6, 4, 2 pixels. The default is 8 pixels, favouring interactive responsiveness (particularly during camera manipulation). Users are encouraged to try less coarseness based on the interactive work they do and also based on the performance of their workstation.


An image is rendered gradually in small groups of pixels called buckets. This option allows you to specify in what order the buckets are rendered. It applies to both normal and live renders. The default scanning is Circle. The available options are:


Excerpt Include
SRFP:# Engine Options
SRFP:# Engine Options

Progressive Render

This options applies during normal renders only. It does not apply to Live Render (IPR); a separate rendering technique which is progressive in nature and allows interactive manipulations. For normal renders, when this toggle is turned on, the rendering rapidly starts with a noisy image and refines it progressively until completed. Progressive Render has a slight overhead and may increase render time in the order of 5-10%.