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There are four options from where a user can select to render or output an image or a sequence of images.


Output Destination


Renders the scene in a window on screen: either in the Maya Render View or 3Delight Display. The selection of which window (and accordingly which application) is a user preference that can be specified in the 3Delight Preferences.

Unlike 3Delight Display, the Maya Render View does not support to display simultaneously multiple layers. When this option is selected for multiple layers, only the first one is displayed.

Image File

Renders the scene to file using the file format and location specified by the Default Image Filename and Default Image Format attributes.

Display and Image File

Enables the output of the image layer to both iDisplay and File Image. All specifications are the same as for the first two options.

NSI FileExports an NSI file. NSI Filename specifies the path where it will be exported. Render and Render Sequence buttons will be changed to Export and Export Sequence accordingly.


Selecting more than one option is not possible. You can only select one option at a time.