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The Image Resolution and Crop group of settings controls the resolution of the rendered image and what portion of it is rendered.

The Image Resolution and Crop group

Use Resolution from Render Globals

When this toggle is on, the Resolution and the Pixel Aspect Ratio attributes will be assigned the same values as the ones specified in Maya Render Globals. This toggle is on by default.


The final resolution of the rendered image. By default it is connected to the resolution specified in Maya Render Globals.

Pixel Aspect Ratio

The ratio of the height of a pixel to its width. Square pixels have a ratio of 1.0. Ratios smaller than 1 correspond to wide pixels, while ratios higher than 1 yield tall pixels. By default, the Pixel Aspect Ratio is derived from the settings in Maya Render Globals

Use Crop Window

When this toggle is on, the portion of the image rendered is restricted to the area defined by Crop Min and Crop Max. This toggle is off by default.

Crop Min
Crop Max

Specifies a cropping region to use when rendering. The rendered region is defined by the top left corner specified by Crop Min and the bottom right corner specified by Crop Max. Each corner is specified by (x, y) coordinates defined in the range [0, 1], where 0 is left or top and 1 is right or bottom. Cropping will be performed only if the Use Crop Window toggle is on. As an example, setting Crop Min to (0.25, 0.25) and Crop Max to (0.75, 0.75) will render a window in the centre of the image. By default, Crop Min is set to (0, 0) and Crop Max is set to (1, 1).

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