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3Delight for Cinema 4D is a flexible and easy to use rendering plug-in for Cinema 4D. It leverages the power of 3DelightNSI in support of the most demanding rendering pipelines. Here is an overview of the main components in 3Delight for Cinema 4D.


Render Settings

3Delight's rendering options include settings for items such as image quality, image layers (AOVs) and overrides. They can be edited in Cinema 4D's Render Settings dialog. These options can also specify the list of objects to use for rendering. 

See Render Settings for a complete description.


3Delight Shelf and Menu

3Delight for Cinema 4D comes with its own Shelf with buttons to start and stop rendering, access Render Settings and for objects creation such as lights and materials. See The 3Delight Shelf and Menu for a complete description.


3Delight Shaders

3Delight for Cinema 4D comes with several shaders and a set of handy physically-plausible HyperShade materials.  Glass, Metal, Skin, Substance and more are offered. Sky, Atmosphere and Open VDB shaders are also included. See Shaders for a complete description.

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