The Color Correction utility node

This utility node allows color correction operations on an input color. Gamma correction, hue shift, saturation modification and contrasting are supported.


Apply a gamma correction to the input color, if Gamma different that 1.

Result = pow( Input, 1/Gamma)

Hue Shift

Rotate the hue by the given amount. Default is 0.

Result Hue = Input Hue + Hue Shift

Note that a value of 1 means full rotation and gives the same result a 0 (in other words, 1 is a 360 degrees rotation).


Multiplies colour's saturation by the given value. Default is 1.

Result Saturation = Input Saturation * Saturation


Vibrance performs a more pleasant modification of color's saturation. Leaving already saturated areas unchanged and having  effect on unsaturated colors. Default is 1.


Perform a contrasting operation on the color. The value is scaled around the provided pivot.

Result = (Corrected - Contrast Pivot) * ContrastContrast Pivot

Contrast Pivot


Multiplies the  corrected color by 2^Exposure. Default is 0.


Adds this color to the corrected color. Default is 0.

Result = Corrected + Offset


Invert the output color. Default is OFF.

Result = 1 - clamp(Corrected, 0, 1)

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