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The Color Correction utility node

This utility node allows color correction operations on an input color. Gamma correction, hue shift, saturation modification and contrasting are supported. 

Color Correction  Parameters

InputThe color to be corrected.

Blends between Input and its color corrected version. The default mask of 1 will give 100% weight to the corrected version.

Final Output = Corrected*Mask + Input*(1-Mask)

Color Correction
Operations performed in the listed order.


Apply a gamma correction to the input color, if Gamma different that 1.

Result = pow( Input, 1/Gamma)

Hue Shift

Rotate the hue by the given amount. Default is 0.

Result Hue = Input Hue + Hue Shift

Note that a value of 1 means full rotation and gives the same result a 0 (in other words, 1 is a 360 degrees rotation).


Multiplies colour's saturation by the given value. Default is 1.

Result Saturation = Input Saturation * Saturation


Vibrance performs a more plesant modification of color's saturation. Leaving already saturated areas unchanged and having  effect on unsaturated colors. Default is 1.

Contrast Pivot

Two values to perform a contrasting operation on the color. The value is scaled around the provided pivot.

Result = (Corrected - Contrast Pivot) * ContrastContrast Pivot


Multiplies the  corrected color by 2^Exposure. Default is 0.


Multiplies the corrected color by this color. Default is 1.

Result  = Corrected * Gain


Adds this color to the corrected color. Default is 0.

Result = Corrected + Offset


Invert the output color. Default is OFF.

Result = 1 - clamp(Corrected, 0, 1)

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