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File Name

The texture's file name.

Color Space

The list of choices is populated with some OCIO spaces if configured and our builtin spaces if not. The default for out builtin system is "auto" which roughly means sRGB for all things 8-bit. The default when OCIO is configured it named "OCIO rules" and means using the OCIO config's file rules which are fancy pattern matching of the texture file names.

Default Color

These parameters define the input texture. The default colour is applied when no texture is found or when the texture lookup is outside the UV range.

Tonal Adjust

This automatically adjusts levels in the texture.

Color Gain

Multiplies the texture by the given color.

Color Offset

Adds the given color to the texture.

Alpha Gain

Multiplies the alpha by this value.

Alpha Offset

Adds this value to the alpha.

Alpha is Luminance

Compute the alpha from the luminance of the texture.


Inverts every the colors in the texture.

Tile Removal

Enables the use of a special algorithm to remove the repetitiveness seen when a texture is tiled. 

This feature slows down rendering. A texture lookup using this feature is about x7 time more expensive than a normal texture lookup.


Controls the softness of the blending between the tiling.


Controls how tiles are offset relative to each other. This control can help break undesirable patterns.


Amount of rotation to apply to the tiles. The higher the value the more rotational variation. 


The general scale of the pattern.

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