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Render View

This option is for selecting the window or application that will be used to display the image layers while they are rendered during a normal or a live render.


An image is rendered gradually in small groups of pixels called buckets. This option allows you to specify in what order the buckets are rendered. It applies to both normal and live renders. The default scanning is Circle. The available options are:

HorizontalBuckets are rendered row by row, from left to right and from top to bottom.
VerticalBuckets are rendered column by column, from top to bottom, and from left to right.
ZigzagBuckets are rendered row by row, from left to right on even rows, and from right to left on odd rows.
SpiralBuckets are rendered in a clockwise spiral starting at the centre of the image.
CircleBuckets are rendered in concentric circles starting at the centre of the image. 

Progressive Refinement

This options applies to normal renders only. It does not apply to Live Render (IPR) – a separate rendering technique allowing interactive manipulations with a different progressive approach. For normal renders, when this toggle is turned on, the rendering rapidly starts with a noisy image and refines it progressively until completed. Progressive Refinement has a slight overhead and may increase render time to complete the image by about 5 - 10%. 

Because of possible optimisations, images produced using this option may contain more noise / fireflies and differ slightly from renders without progressive refinements.

And as a reminder: images produced through batch rendering are not rendered using progressive refinements, regardless of this user preference.

When using Progressive Refinement, the Filter Type and Filter Width attributes (specified in the quality group of options of the rendering settings) are ignored in the initial rendering iterations. A simple Box filter with a width of 1 is used instead.

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