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Using 3Delight Cloud is really simple. In three steps you can render interactively with thousands of cores. Here is how it is done in Maya:

In 3Delight Display

Sign in to your account.

The sign in dialog is in the right sidebar under the cloud tab.


In Maya

Select 3Delight Cloud as the renderer.

The option is in Maya's Render Settings dialog.

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In Cinema4D

Select 3Delight Cloud as the renderer.

The option is in Cinema4D'S Render Settings dialog.

In Maya or 3Delight Display

Render as usual.

Renderings will be displayed, or saved, in the same manner as if launched without selecting 3Delight Cloud. It will work in Maya's Render View or in 3Delight Display.

Read more on how to use 3Delight Cloud with other applications or using command lines.

Monitoring Cloud Rendering Activities

For monitoring as it happens, use the cloud tab in 3Delight Display's Sidebar. Learn more >
For monitoring past activities, check your account at

In your account, you can also adjust your 3Delight Cloud settings and purchase additional credits.