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Installing 3DelightNSI consist of downloading the package (available here) and running the installer. Once this is done, you have to load the plug-in in Maya (this is explained in details below).

System Requirements
Maya versions: 2016*, 2016.5, 2017, 2018
Operating systems: Windows, Linux, macOS
*the oldest Maya version supported on macOS is 2016.5.

Once 3Delight for Maya in loaded in Maya, the 3Delight Menu and Shelf will appear and you will be able to render using 3Delight. The free 3DelightNSI does not require a licence file, but if you are running the paid version and you have no license file installed, you will have a watermark in the image when you render. Installing a license file is explained in Configuration.

Loading the Plug-in in Maya

If 3DelightNSI is properly installed, the only thing to do in Maya is to load the 3Delight for Maya plug-in. This is done through the Plug-in Manager. To display the Plug-in Manager, select the Maya → Window → Settings/Preferences → Plug-in Manager menu item. 

The 3Delight plug-ins in the Plug-in Manager.

The plug-in extension varies ( and .mll on OS X, Linux and Windows, respectively).

Turn on the Loaded check box next to plugin_3delight_for_maya. After this step, the 3Delight Menu and Shelf will appear in Maya.

Recommended Plug-in Manager Settings 

  • If you wish to have 3Delight for Maya automatically load upon launching Maya, turn on the plugin_3delight_for_maya Auto load check box.
  • The 3dfmXGen plug-in will be automatically loaded when needed by 3Delight for Maya. It is not necessary to set neither its Load nor its Auto load settings.

The Maya plug-ins that comes with 3DelightNSI


This is the main plug-in that allows rendering Maya scenes with 3Delight


This plug-in allows rendering XGen's Interactive Groom Splines nodes. It is automatically loaded when 3Delight for Maya detects that the XGen Toolkit plug-in is loaded in Maya

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