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3Delight for Maya provides an easy way to override attributes on a set of objects. This is achieved using a 3Delight Set. It behaves exactly as regular Maya sets and, for all intents and purposes, can be considered as such. 

A 3Delight Set shown with two active overrides.
The left toggle button activates or deactivates that particular attribute override.

Creating a 3Delight Set

Select the objects that you want to become members of the new set, then either:

  • click  in the 3Delight Shelf or
  • choose Create Set in the 3Delight menu.

Set membership can be edited with the Maya Set Editor

Defining a transform (group) as a 3Delight Set member will define the overrides on every children of this transform.

Overriding Object Attributes

To activate a particular attribute override, click on its toggle button on the left: this will have the effect of overriding that specific object-level attribute for every object of the set.

Note that an object can be part of many sets as long as the sets have different overrides enabled. For example, an object could be part of a set who overrides the subdivision mesh flag and part of a set that overrides the additional transformation steps.


If an object is part of different sets with colliding overrides, the result is undefined.

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