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The 3Delight Preferences dialog offers options for a user to configure based on how he or she likes to use 3Delight per his or her personal preference. As such, these settings:

  • are independent of the scenes and projects the user is working on;

  • have no effect on the resulting image from the rendering process (therefore, they do not affect the project a user is working on).

All the preferences listed here are ignored during batch rendering.

The 3Delight Preferences Dialog

These screenshots have to be taken again with less shadow (while the dialog is not 'raised'). Also, the 'Viewing' one will have all only the Render View parameter. I think it would be better to simply put everything in same window/tab with a separator (not even sure is necessary.) TW: spacing between items on Engine side is not the standard spacing (too close together).

Render Engine tab of the 3Delight Preferences.

Viewing Apps tab of the 3Delight Preferences.

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Render View

The Render View preference is for selecting the window (and application) in which image layers are displayed during rendering. It can be either the Maya Render View or 3Delight Display.

Image Viewer

The Image Viewer option specifies the location of the applications that will be launched to view images. The default application is 3Delight Display.

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