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Maya's 'Render' Command Line

3Delight renderings can be launched using Maya’s Render command line. To render a scene with OSL shaders, the '-r 3delightOSL' option must be provided. The following command lists the parameters supported by the 3Delight for Maya plug-in:

Render -r 3delightOSL -help

Issuing the Render command with only the '-r 3delightOSL' option will render the Render Pass (OSL) that is active in the Render Settings window when the scene was saved. Some of its settings can be overridden by command line options listed below. If you need to set a Render Pass attribute that is not listed, please send a request to technical support.


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Render Pass Selection
-rp <string>

Specify the Render Pass (OSL) or a comma-separated list of Render Passes (OSL) to render. Specifying "all" will sequentially render all Render Passes (OSL) defined in the scene. Examples:

-rp pass1
-rp pass1,pass2
-rp all
Because this option defines which Render Passes will be edited by subsequent flags, it should be specified right after the ‘-r 3delight’ option.
-rl boolean|string


 Render all renderable Maya render layers when true; when false (or empty string) only the masterLayer will be rendered.


Render only specified Maya render layers in a comma-separated list of layers.

The default is to render all renderable layers.

Frame RangeSpecifying any one of the following options will enable rendering of the frame range.
-s <int>Set the first frame to render.
-e <int>Set the last frame to render.
-inc <int>

Set the frame increment.

RIB ExportSpecifying any one of the following options will produce a RIB file instead of a rendered image.
-ribfile <string>Specify the RIB filename to create.
-ribbin <boolean>Output a binary RIB file when true, or an ASCII RIB file when false.
Shave & Haircut
-3dfmshave_<boolean>__Load or unload the 3dfmShave plugin.
Maya Fur
-bff <boolean>Bake all Maya Fur attribute maps before rendering.

3Delight's 'renderdl' Command Line*

Batch rendering can also be launched using 3Delight’s standalone renderer renderdl provided the scene have been exported to a RIB File using the Render Engine's Render Mode : Export RIB File Only. When rendering using the command line renderdl, many parameters are supported to further control aspects of the rendering process. The following command lists the available parameters:

renderdl -h

For a complete description of 3Delight's standalone renderer renderdl refer to 3Delight Studio Pro User Manual.pdf (in the PDF: chapter 3.1 Using the RIB Renderer - renderdl).

*Available with 3Delight Studio Pro package

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